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Σάββατο, 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2009

Iran Nuclear Program Proposal

To Πυρηνικό πρόγραμμα του Ιράν Πρόταση


In the Nome of the Almighty

Cooperotion for Peace! Justice and Progress

Packo'ge of proposals by the Islamic Republic of iron for
Comptohensiveand Constructive I'tegotiations

There is no doubt 1hot our worJd is at 1he thrcshotd 01 en1ering a new
ero, The difflcull e!'o characterized by domination of empresf
predominance of mitilory powers. dominance of organiled and
interrelated medio relworks and competitions on the basis of
oHensiVe copabilHy and the po'wer from convenUonot and non-
co~venfor'Olweapons is corning to an encL A new efO
choracterized by cul1l.Jral approach and rationol 1hlnk?ng. and
for the flue godly essenc e of humankind is flourishing and
blossoming. Many of the predicaments focing our world 1odoy, such
as 1he~~p,eceden1ed economic crisis. culturaj ond identity cftsi5.
politicol and security dUemmos* and the niushrooming of terroriSn"'t
ofgani1ed crk~os and tne illicit drugs ore fhe products of the fading
era c)f domtnaHon of ungodly ways of prevoiling in the
g1obol relafions and the omjnous legacy for prelenl ond future
generotions of humanity.

Resolution oJ problems and erecting a world ~illed with
spirUuall1y.. friendship.. prosperity. wen ness and securrty reqvit"e$
reorganization and creaflng an opportunity for broad and coMecfive
participation in the m(Jnagement of the world. The existing
mectloni~ms ore not capable to meet tne present needs of
humanl.Qrd struch.Jrestha dkcct producb of relations based on brule
power and dom,inotion. while our world today needs mecnonlsrns
that covne from divine and godl't 'hinklng and an approach based
on human values and compossion.D1e new mochonisms shoukt
pave the way for lhe advancement fIJ11 blossoming 01 the talent's
and potentials of all nolfons and es~obli$hment oflostrng world
peace end security.
lhe Ironton not.ion is prepared to enter into dialogoe and
negotiafion in order to !ay the ground for losting p'eoce and
fegionoHy ond generated stobiUty for the region and
beyond and for the conjinued progress and prosperity of the nations
()f the regi~on and fheworld. Our desire to enter in1o~h[s dialogue

and cooperotive relationships procee'ds from our inherent nolionat
regional and international capacity and strength, our prfnci~ed and
ht"Sioriccl commi1ment in apply(ng th~s capacity to {osler peace.
Ironqu~ay, progress and well.being rornolions in our reglon cnd
beyond. We stand ready to enter into this diologue on the basts of
godly on,d human principles ond values; :ncJuding tho recognition of
the rights nations, respect fOf 5cove:weignty and pdnciples of
dernocrocyond the fight of people to have free ejections~ os wen
os refraining from impos.ing pressure or threals and moving fotvlord
on the softdfovrtdotion of justice and law.

The Islomjc Republic of Iran beHeves thaf wUhin the framework of
principles lusHcet democracy and muUUo1erolism,. a wide range of
s.ecuflfy. politicot economic and cultVf'ol issues ot regional and
globol Jevels couid be included in these negotiations with 0 view of
fostering cOJ'tstruc'Hve cooperation for advoncemenJ of and
promo~ion peace and stabiHty in the reglon and the wor~d.

As it v\'os cieartystoted lost year rn O'ur proposed package" 1he
Islamic Republic or Iron betieves that drawtng lessons from fhe pO.Sl
mistakes oˇnd not insisting on futile orld poinf1ess paths that have
provef\ 10 be of no avail ls the prereQufslte for the success in ttle
upcorning negotiations. Accordingly . 1he comrnitmentof oR porttSS
involved to. firsify.. composition of new structure of rnternotionolfnferacftons that is free from pos.t errors. and secondly expression of
good inten2 by all Hes both in words and deeds io demonstrating
commitment to justice and low can :eod to a new phase in
negotiatj,o ns for 0 Jong.term cooperation with a vie'ˇ' to
consoJjda!ing losting peace and security in the region and the

POliUcol security. economfc and intefnationalhsues afelhe primary

subjects that raised shored concorns in the region and ~he
'IIi'orld fer govemments ond notions, The Islamic Repubiicof Iron
firmly that from principles and fundamentals
stated above and tn tight of the presen~ $t~::lte of offoirs in our wortd
we olt need to show compossion and concern for the destiny of
humanity and to Iwrn shored concerns into cotlect~ve
cornrnHments for the purpose of paving the way for effective
regional and inler~a1ionol cooperation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran voice~ its readIness to embark on
cOrlpre,hensive, all-encomposslng and constructive negotiofiont
aiming at acquiring 0 clear frome''tIork for cooperotive relationships
by ensurIng the adherence of 00 parties to commitments ..
a fu1Ufefree from injus.tice that promises. welfare and progress free
from double standards for on notions of the regkln and 1he world.

Proceecling f'om regional and 1nternational priorities. the axes of the
negotiations for peace prosperity can be inCluded an three
main areas: political-security issues. international issue$ and
economic [ssues"

1" Polti>cat.. SecuIHy lauel
l.1P'rotecting human dignrh/~ respect for their cuUure and their
1.2 Consofidoting stobi4fty and fostering just peace, promotion
of demc"Cfocy and enhancement of prosperity of nations
regions that suffer from in5Job~itj' mnUorism violence and
# J

tsrrQTism 0 n tile basis of ;

Firs!: respect for the rights of nal-ions and national rnterssts
of states,
Second:ConsoUdatrng the nalionof sovereignty 01
countries in the frameworK of democratic practices.
Third: Refraining fforn violence and mililorism
Fourth: TockJtng the roof causes. of terrorism,

Some port 5 Q.f th ewor.d~ especioUy in the Middle East. the Balkans~
pans of Africa. Sout.h America and East Asia need to be accorded
priority. Joint efforts and interactions to help the p'eople of Palestine
10 draw a comprehensJvav and equilobJepJan in order
fo help the people of Pa'estine fo achieve aU-embracing peace.
iaslir,;) securHyond to secure their fundamental right's, cou;d be
good exompaes of those cooperotive relations.

1. 3 common secfw1rity threo1s by dearing effecliveiy
and 'firmly with fhemofn causes of security threafs including
terrorism;; illiell drugs, megal migrations. organized crimes
ond piracy.

2., Internotlonol IhUfi
2.1 Reform of the UnIted Natkons and the Se,curity Council and
their effectiveness on the basis of prtncrpfes of
democracy and justice
2.2 Elevating the weight and position of enviror,mentol fssues in
l~le intemofional relations and f01jtering colwective
participafion In the management ofenvironmenloll~sues.
2.3 Equitob1e definition and codification of the rights to space
and sharing or Oft possessors of space technologies in the
rl'ionogement and fair use of $poce~
2,4 Definition and codification of the rights re!ating '0
new and
advanced technologie).
2.5 Pro'motin'g a rvle ..bosed and equitable oversight tunct~on of
the tAfA and crea1ing the requked mechonisrns for use of
clean nuclear energY' in agriculture, industry. and medicine
and generation,
2.6 PJot1-:ofing the universality of NPT mobii:zing globo. resolve
and pvtting intoactlon reol and fundo(J'ten 101 progrornmes
tOWQtO compfete dfsormomen1 and prevenl1ng
development and proriferafion or nucleor~ and
micfob101 weopons~
2.7 Enhoncement of e1hical and human considerotions and
tt1eirfvllobservonce in lnterrloflonal mechanisms. ties and

3. fconomrc Issues
3.1 and its security in production, $UPP'Y~ tran~port and
3.2 Trade and inves1ment
3.,3 Capoclty-building jar promotion of pubUc \"'elfo:re~ gloOOI
poverty alleviations reducing social gaps and bridging the
gop bef\veen 1he South and !he Nor1h
3AFinding Ihe roof causes of global economic and flnoncia
crisis and preventing Ihe occurrence of ottler
manifestations of crisis in the world economy and designing
new and just mechanisms
3.5 Combahng underground economy. economic corruption.
financia~ frauds ond organized crirnte octivi1ies 1ho1 ore
detrimental to econOmic secuJity.